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Thatched Roof Surveys

If you need an expert opinion on the condition of your thatched roof or one you are considering buying you may want a thorough survey. Our in-depth report will allow you to assess upcoming costs or plan for the future knowing exactly what to expect.

Includes detailed analysis of:

  • Lifespan

  • Required Maintenance schedule (if applicable)

  • Roof Timbers

  • Depth

  • Material

  • External factors (trees, moss, vermin etc) plus recommended actions

  • Any other points you are concerned about

The report is more than usually presented to insurance companies, estate agents and prospective buyers. Or it can be used to give a simple plan of action for your roof over its life and give you peace of mind in terms of what to expect.

Mark Harrington Master Thatcher

Reports are presented in your preferred format

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